Just sat through a Retired Teachers meeting with my grandma. One of the topics was Social Media: What is it?

I had to try so hard to stifle myself as this guy tried to explain social media to all these old teachers.

Tuesday Night Tv

Selfie… aka My Fair Lady for the Me Generation.

I know that this show custom tailored for me by me but I was insulted. It was like they were focusing too much on fitting in that they didn’t think of how douchey they were sounding. And it make matters worse it has Karen Gillan and John Cho as the leads. They’re better than this.

About halfway through it hit me why I was so bothered. I was watching My Fair Lady. I hate that show. Because after all the growing Miss Eliza Doolittle goes through, she grows right back to the asshole instead of the nice guy that loves her. What’s that supposed to teach young ladies?

I’m hoping it gets better, but I think this is one I’ll be skipping the season.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Fitz is still broken. This bothers me.




Heeeeeey Frankenstein MD fans you should probably do what I just did and look up the Evan Strand tag on this website (he plays Robert/The Creature) okay byeeeeee

Thank you, OP. You made my day.

Well… I made one.

There was something not great about his head. And now he doesn’t have one.

Let’s try this again.

Made a little wire stickman charm.

Gonna fix the exposed wire bits with nail polish.

Trying to determine if I want to paint the head white and make a little Operator to wear around my neck.

Maybe I’ll just make a second one with longer arms. That’ll be my Operator.

The worst part of the RvB season finale is now I have to wait til next year for new episodes.

I hate waiting.

Making dolls today. The pink one was practice. The other is my masterpiece. Well… it’s the final product. Now it’s got to dry for a few days and be sanded and painted and clothed.

So I’ve got some work to do.